Sunday, October 26, 2014

VSSonarQubeExtension 1.4.1, a all new look

Version 1.4.1 has just been release, bringing a all new user interface developed on top of mahapps. This is how it looks now.

Additionally  to this, the extension can also be used outside visual studio. A standalone application is available to download here. This standalone application provides the almost  the same features as in visual studio, the user can run analysis and search issues. File analysis is not possible.
Functionally there were also some major changes. With this new version, when using server and local file analysis, we no longer need to enable or disable the analyses. Analyses is automatic and is on by default, bring a better usability to the end user.

Also affecting the status of issues has been greatly simplified. User now can set the status of the issue without considering the issue workflow implemented in the server, by simple bringing the context menu for each issue. 

Another major change was how we now change between modes (server, local and issue search). Now they are totally independent, so issues in the view are preserved when changing modes. For each mode issues in editor are populated accordingly.

On top of this, a new Quality Profile Editor plugin has been included. Users with permissions can now tweak easily the quality profiles used by each project, for example changing the technical debt parameters of the sqale model. 

Other minor features have also been included, so feel free to try the new version. And feedback is always welcome.

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